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The Story Of FAM BRAND

Where It All Began

FAM brand was an idea that was thought up by Mav, Jimmy, Kevin, Hai, and Isaiah in late November of 2020 while we were cultivating for our big brother company Green Resource. The initial idea was to come up with a brand for Green Resource cultivation products. But, after three meetings we decided that instead of coming up with a brand that only caters to cannabis consumers, we can and will be more than just a cannabis brand.

Forever A Monument - FAM

The reason we decided on FAM was simple because that's what we are on and off-site. The five of us operated as family. We spent a lot of time with each other while working at Green Resource. The struggles and challenges that we faced while working at the cultivation site solidified our bond as we learned to trust each other, motivate each other when we needed that push, help each other financially when someone was in a financial bind. We embraced the fact that we consider each other as family.

We wanted FAM to stand for us and our band of brotherhood

When we decided on that name there was no hesitation at all. We fell in love with the name immediately, but we also knew that it would be challenging to brand the name FAM. We talked about it and decided not to give up the FAM name. So, we did what any family would do. We stuck with it, put our heads together, and agreed to use it as an acronym. We wanted FAM to stand for us and our band of brotherhood. We also knew that we wanted this to be something forever and we wanted it to be something big and special. Basically, we wanted something monumental to give to our customers, our friends, and our families who deserve it. And right then Forever A Monument was born. 

 apparel fit at the perfect time.

When the time came to introduce Ricco to the rest of FAM, it was an instant match. Everyone clicked with Ricco off top. The same day that Mav introduced Ricco to the group, he also introduced his high school friend Ian to the group. Ian has a ridiculous amount of experience in this field when it comes to branding and coming up with apparel concepts. Ian was the curator designer for companies like Shoe Palace, Karma Loop, and  Touch of Modern. At the time of introducing him to the FAM Squad he was employed by Pro Club. Let's just say it was apparel fit at the perfect time. 

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March came around and a worksite brother name A-Rod invited us on to his podcast called GPE. It was his season 1 episode 2 for everyone that wants to check out that episode on how we got started in cultivation. Just go to Youtube and search GPE Podcast episode 2 "Green Resource". A-Rod's day job working for Buttonwood is how we first connected with him. The connection was strong. A-Rod was like family to us on site. Every chance he got to be with us, he made the time to do so. By mid-March we made it official by making A-Rod a part of FAM. We all shared common goals, and that's how our bond became stronger. 


The Fam apparel concepts are all going to be original, all fresh ideas that we come up with together. The goal is to be a staple brand by the beginning of 2022. We plan on launching in multiple states including Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, and Florida. By 2023, we hope to be able to introduce our brand globally with Japan being our first stop when we go global.

We are a brand. We are a company. We are a team and most importantly We are family.